12 Sep

Some best-friend-talking-time will stone-cold CURE a hundred ails, but you two are hilarious together too, right? Of course you are. You don’t have to budget your talking points, and you don’t have to be up a tree with some hijinks, either. Wackadoo spaceballs comedy is so much fun that I have to struggle sometimes to remember that two humans on a level with each other, talking about whatever, can be a much more rewarding comedy experience for everyone. Including the audience.

“Bestie x Bestie” is a series written by former SNL featured player Jenny Slate and standup comedian Gabe Liedman.

Here they discuss “what’s wrong with your body.”

And here’s the really great improv version of “the honest conversation.” Connor Ratliff and Cathryn Mudon are improvisers at UCB New York. They’re making a series called “I’m Too Fragile For This.” (I noticed as I was writing this: both dudes and both ladies in this post are doppelgangers of each other. That probably says something weird about me.)

Chocolate! Maybe.

Both series have the performers playing characters pretty close to themselves. They have one set, not much setup, and two people talking about whatever the circumstances suggest. They turn those basics into something amazing and true.


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