Sketch Week! Here’s SPIRIT DESIRE.

25 Aug

I like sketch comedy and I like sketch comedians, so I’m going to write about a different sketch group every day this week. REALLY good groups are putting their stuff on the internet. I underlined “really good” in my notebook as I was brainstorming this idea. Like really, really good. So where’s the recognition? Here’s a little bit, y’all.

Last month, Spirit Desire finished a run of shows at The New Movement Theater in Austin, Texas. Micheal Foulk, Brady James, James Patrick Robinson, and Rob Gagnon go dark. Their characters are mostly miserable people dropped into absurd tripped-out dream-land contexts. If Sifl & Olly were humans in a regional comedy scene instead of sock puppets from a late-90s MTV show, these guys would definitely kidnap them and assume their identities.

Home Innovations has forever altered this couple’s relationship.

And you know how it is with those quick pancake things.

Their specialty is the TV parody. It’s all there: how-to videos, traditional sitcoms with laugh tracks, commercials, and yep, The World’s Most Dangerous Somersaults.



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