23 Aug

I like sketch comedy and I like sketch comedians, so I’m going to write about a different sketch group every day this week. REALLY good groups are putting their stuff on the internet. I underlined “really good” in my notebook as I was brainstorming this idea. Like really, really good. So where’s the recognition? Here’s a little bit, y’all.

Your Terrific Neighbors live in Austin, Texas. They are Joel Osborne, Curtis Luciani, and Courtney Hopkin, and they are a force, a FORCE. They ride the “weird realness” thing until it’s home. They sacrifice themselves to the uncomfortable, and we are redeemed.

They know, for instance, that you need a candidate with experience.

You also need a candidate to make sure you have blankets at night…but not too many.

And you definitely need a cop show written by a 9-year-old in 1985.



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