18 Oct


Jogging is a Tumblr blog project by Brad Troemel, or initiated by him. For a while, he put standard household objects beside each other (like a potato taped to a wall with a bandaid), or did something (like drawing a chalk line to box in a parking space), and then took pictures of them. The classifications are always a little weird — a photo of a business card with the lettering worn off that’s called a sculpture, for instance, and Photoshopped images called installations. There are also “performances,” images that describe what he did, or instruct you to do, or ask you to imagine someone doing, like eating edible lipgloss privately, or listening to the Dirty Projectors inside a Chipotle (with a zip file of an album for you to do so).


It’s provocative but also funny. The artist(s) write essays sometimes, too, and they said they started a crowdsourcing experiment recently. I’m interested in seeing what they do.

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