Content-Aware Fill

9 Oct


Mike Ruiz. "Extended Future Is Yours" (2010).


Mike Ruiz added white areas to the sides of Mac and PC desktop backgrounds (as well as the Paramount Pictures logo) and used Photoshop CS5’s Content-Aware Fill tool to fill in the space. The project, called Extended, was featured on Rhizome earlier this week. Its images are clearly fake, and their fakeness highlights the artificiality of the original calming backgrounds.

I like how the titles of these images influence their meaning. Above, the Windows Seven “Future Is Yours” background is repeated “forward” and “backward,” into distant space as well as up close. Together with the title, it suggests that the computer user’s future is going to be an infinite series of predictable events, their shape determined by computer algorithms. “The present,” in the center of the image, is the only differentiated moment, but even that part has an unreality to it.

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