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18 Sep

A recent article in Artforum returns us to the internet of 1995, when the barrier to creating an online presence was much higher. The effort of building a website was so complicated, people often exhausted themselves by the time they needed to decide on content. When people knew they wanted websites but didn’t know what to put on them, they posted links to other sites and called it a day. Artforum suggests this behavior led directly to our internet habits today — when we might have clicked fruitlessly from links page to links page in 1995, there’s Google for us now. We might not even need to search at all anymore, with our friends’ and acquaintances’ “links pages” infinitely coming to us instead, via Facebook and Twitter.

In the mid-90s, when I was in the fourth or fifth grade, my best friend and I made a website on Geocities. My dad helped us get it online. I remember it had a purple background with green titles, and we only ever put up Microsoft Word clipart that we liked. As an adult, that part of my internet life has apparently changed very little. I have a Tumblr blog for random images (and some of them are clipart).

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